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Holden HK Monaro GTS 327 Warwick Yellow Product Code: 18803

Holden HK Monaro GTS 327 Warwick Yellow Product Code: 18803

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Aggressive front end styling of the HK features plenty of chrome. The badges are metallic, to match the finish of the real badges.

The GTS ‘sports wheel disc’ hub caps sit on top of steel wheel rims. The front wheels featured brake discs that are replicated in etch metal.

The interior of the HK Monaro GTS includes the sports steering wheel and 4 speed manual console. A unique feature to the GTS is the console mounted tachometer.

Form fitting buckets seats have been recreated in soft touch rubber. Fabric seat belts have been included for a realistic appearance.

Fed from a 4-barrel down-draft carburettor, the 327 V8 was good for 250 b.h.p. The 327 also featured chrome rocker covers and air cleaner.

The rear chassis shows off the impressive exhaust system. The dual exhaust system splits into four chrome tipped tail pipes.

The front chassis shows the engine sump, exhaust system and working suspension. The front wheels are even linked to the steering wheel.

Item includes certificate and production number plate, mounted to the chassis.

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