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Classic Ford Falcon XC Utility Ute v8 Pine n Lime #18799

Classic Ford Falcon XC Utility Ute v8 Pine n Lime #18799

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The Tonneau cover and hoop are removable, revealing the detailed tray floor and side walls.

The hinged tailgate can be opened, and features retaining cables just like the real car.

The Utility interior features the GS Rally Pack including Sports steering wheel, comprehensive instrumentation including tachometer, oil and temperature gauges.

Included in the GS Rally Pack were Buckets Seats and sports centre console with arm rest.

The twelve slot steel sports rims are an outstanding feature on this model, combined with the GT Power Pack, the wheels also feature 4 wheel disc brakes.

Raising the bonnet with the etch metal hinges, displays the highly detailed Cleveland 5.8L (351ci) V8.

The front chassis shows the engine sump, exhaust system and working suspension. The front wheels are even linked to the steering wheel.

The chassis bears an individually numbered etched metal plate which is the edition number of your model.

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