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With diminishing sales of the HD, Holden’s response was the HR. Although the body changes looked mild, they involved reworking the roof line and changing almost all the exterior panels to give a sleeker, more modern profile. A new grille with squared–off headlight surrounds at the front and ‘tower type’ lights at the rear only added to the looks, it proved very successful and made the HR one of the biggest–selling Holdens of all. Compared to 178,927 for the HD and 252,352 for the HR (produced until January 1968.) This lifted sales of the HR Holden to the level that Holden received from then popular EH Holden which
had sold 256,959 vehicles. As well as styling changes, the Holden’s performance was improved by virtue of an enlarged version of the ‘red engine’ with higher compression ratios. The 179 was enlarged to become the very popular 186. Other HR changes included a slightly widened track and a wider rear windscreen. While the Special was the most common type of HR, the Premier was the top of the line and it had plusher cabin trimmings, including a wood grain finish (artificial), body trim included stainless steel around the wheel arches, along the boot between the tail lights and stone guards. There were many options for the HR, like power steering, front–wheel disc brakes, a limited–slip differential and yet more with the Nasco accessories like sill chrome mouldings, wheel trim rings, side mirror, radio, aerial, hood ornament were available.
Six months after the launch, all HRs were given a safety upgrade with the addition of front seat belts, windscreen washers, reverse lights, sun visors and a shatterproof
interior rear–vision mirror. The fitting of seat belts as standard was the forerunner
of many significant safety–related features pioneered by Holden in Australia.
To some the HR lacked get-up-and-go – the anticipation of the all new engines not producing the expected performance machines many lusted after. In 186 Premier Powerglide guise it had a top speed of around 88 miles per hour, and would do the standing quarter in 19.2sec. These figures were respectable rather than breathtaking. While the HR may not have been a street brawler, it would cruise effortlessly at 80 mph and it would do it while instilling confidence in the driver. Anyone who had driven the HD at similar speeds knew the HR was way in front, being much more sure footed. It may not have had the taut ride found on some European sedans, but it did corner with more comfort and confidence than its predecessor. Its popularity then means
that today it still remains one of the most popular old Holdens for enthusiasts.

Item includes certificate and production number plate, mounted to the chassis.

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